MEDIA CONTACT  –  Olivia Canniffe (415) 860-3196  |


Link to video can be viewed on or after March 13, 2021, 11:30 am

Dear Parade Participants, Families and Friends,

We have a long tradition of 170 years presenting a St. Patrick Parade  in San Francisco.  With the current situation  we do not foresee the possibility of an  actual physical parade. We are looking into putting together a virtual parade on social media and would like to know if your organization would be interested in submitting a 15 second to 1.5 minute video to be included in our virtual parade. The video you submit could come from your group getting together to record it or it could be a recording you have made in the past whether in our parade or other performance or event.  We will have an announcer introducing and describing the video’s. If families have special places along the parade route,  we would like to include pictures or videos of the group.

To submit your videos/pictures please go to the website and follow the directions. The web address is If you have questions or would like to have our videographer come out to record your group please contact Kevin Allison at (415)748-1096. When you submit your own videos please include your organization / family name  and a contact phone number. Due to space and time issues we may need to edit or not include all the videos.

DEADLINE to receive videos  would be February 26,2021

Looking forward to continuing the tradition until  a time we can again march down Market Street.


Liam Frost,
UIS President